Chapter 0.3 – Boba Tea Culture |「飲み文化」| 手搖杯文化


I believe by now, the year of 2016, most people should have heard of boba/bubble/tapioca/pearl tea already. And yes, it originated here in the subtropical island of Taiwan. Boba tea is the soul food to Taiwanese people. It is like burgers to Americans, fish and chips to English, pasta to Italians or sushis to Japanese. Pick your choice – whatever your stereotype is, you can’t possibly mention Taiwanese cuisine without mentioning the little (or huge) milk tea drink with black, shinny and chewy pearl balls.

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Chapter 0.2 – Mia Cucina

Neihu District has slowly become the new pimp and hippy area for people of all ages. Today I want to introduce a all vegetarian restaurant that I went for dinner with my fam. This one’s my sis’ fab, so figured I had to put it here.

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Chapter 0.1 – Motherland Taiwan | ふるさと台湾 | 家鄉台灣

*Food porn alert *夜中読んじゃいけない *警告:宵夜文

One thing you do when travel is eat some exotic food and try to fill your stomach up with some bliss of happiness – that is especially true when you come to Taiwan.

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Ramen Journey Preface || 挑戰日式拉麵 || ラーメン人生の始まり

*Start reading from after chapter 1 if you want to skip all the Taiwanese food porn.

So…here I am finally, at the starting line of one of my biggest life goals – to conquer all the ramen restaurants/parlors/stands in Japan and worldwide. Initially, this was supposed to be a project I start only after I achieve financial freedom. However, thanks to two of my besties, R and P, instead of postponing ’til a few years later, I decided to just man up and start writing. Of course, this is still only the phase zero of my ramen journey as I’m only visiting Japan for 11 days this time and returning to the Bay Area soon after, but hopefully I can start entertaining my friends and family worldwide with my amateur ramen knowledge.

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