Chapter 0.1 – Motherland Taiwan | ふるさと台湾 | 家鄉台灣

*Food porn alert *夜中読んじゃいけない *警告:宵夜文

One thing you do when travel is eat some exotic food and try to fill your stomach up with some bliss of happiness – that is especially true when you come to Taiwan.




Yesterday upon landing, my parents and I had 春水堂 (commonly believed to be the inventor of the infamous boba tea) at the Taoyuan International. Soon after we got into Taipei, my sister joined me in a late night snack quest to Raohe Street Night Market. This place is a must go everytime as it never fails to shine with my dimmed memory of childhood and also a twist of new creative Taiwanese small eats. I had my childhood favorite 車輪餅 and 胡椒餅 and soon went home to prepare for the next day.


昨天一到桃園機場第一件事就是在春水堂吃晚餐。老實說雖然他們自稱是珍奶的發明人,但對我來說130塊的珍奶買下去還真的是有點在淌血(雖然在每過一杯可能就都是這個價起跳)。到了臺北後看了下時間才九點所以要跟老姐去饒河街夜市ㄙㄟ ㄙㄟ(台)。這地方還真是許多童年回憶阿-打彈珠,撈魚什麼的。這次回來的新發現是玉子燒,燒烤杏鮑菇,包心粉圓還有一推奇奇怪怪的創意料理。不知下次會看到什麼新的東東。真的不得從心底佩服台灣人對吃的發明力。強阿!


Day 2 was not bad in comparison either. 蔥油餅 and Ding Tai Fung for lunch. Had an one hour full body massage for NT900 ($30). Went over to the GuangHua Digital Plaza and ran into a lot of cosplayers. Your homeboy totally looks like a freaking otaku (anime geek) down in the pic. For dinner, we went to the Xinyi District – this place is now packed with department stores. There’s like at least 10 of them and I didn’t even know when they were built. The amazing thing is everywhere is still packed with family, couples and tourists.


第二天也是在吃吃喝喝下結束了-永康街蔥油餅,鼎泰豐,ita house,珍奶等等。下午去了光華像個宅男向娜美與羅賓朝聖了一下。好久沒去光華發現規模變了好多。三創真的是有夠屌的。然後他一樓的麵包店的大蒜麵包真的是好吃到我有點小感動。晚上去了信義商圈發現這裡百貨公司也開得太誇張的多…隨便算一下至少有10家吧!真不知為什麼他們還是賺那麼多錢。吃個晚餐還要排超久。我想我可能離開台北太久每次回來都有種逆文化衝擊的感覺。


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