Ramen Journey Preface || 挑戰日式拉麵 || ラーメン人生の始まり

*Start reading from after chapter 1 if you want to skip all the Taiwanese food porn.

So…here I am finally, at the starting line of one of my biggest life goals – to conquer all the ramen restaurants/parlors/stands in Japan and worldwide. Initially, this was supposed to be a project I start only after I achieve financial freedom. However, thanks to two of my besties, R and P, instead of postponing ’til a few years later, I decided to just man up and start writing. Of course, this is still only the phase zero of my ramen journey as I’m only visiting Japan for 11 days this time and returning to the Bay Area soon after, but hopefully I can start entertaining my friends and family worldwide with my amateur ramen knowledge.

The grand scheme of the project is to 1) move to Japan for good, 2) start from the northernmost tip of the island country, Hokkaido, 3) dine a random Ramen restaurant, 4) ask the chef what is his favorite ramen spot, 5) go there wherever it may be by the means of foot, hitchhike or any form of non-public transportation.

The time now is April 23, 2016 10:55AM. Sitting at the desk in my room at my parents’ house is me waiting for my sister to finish washing up to go to Ding Tai Fung for lunch. “What better way to start blogging than to be here in Taiwan, my beloved motherland and where I spent 17 years of youth and childhood?” I think to myself. I am excited yet at peace to start this project earlier. Prior to boarding the plane at SFO, I have compiled a list of 16 different Japanese ramen restaurants in Tokyo. As I will be in Taiwan for the next 10 days, I should have enough time to warm my appetite up to the extremity where eating 5 bowls of ramen a day would be a norm.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin.




  1. 首先得搬到日本
  2. 從北海道開始旅途
  3. 隨機找一家喜歡的拉麵店用餐
  4. 問老闆他最喜歡的拉麵店在哪,並一定要到那拜訪
  5. 移動方式除了大眾交通皆可。像是步行,搭便車,腳踏車等





  1. まず日本に引っ越す
  2. そして一番北端の北海道から冒険スタート
  3. 気に入りのラーメン屋で食事
  4. シェフに一番好きなラーメン屋さんを聞き出し、次は必ずそこへ行く
  5. 移動方法は徒歩、ヒッチハイクまたは交通機関ではない手段




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