Chapter 11 – 巌哲 Gantetsu

Last two weeks have to be the most hectic I’ve been in a long time. Both with more responsibilities at my day job, and definitely the opening of my own restaurant, Lily’s Creperie. Luckily, things have calmed a little as we have most of the paperworks done now. I will post another article on the restaurant with more detail soon, so please look out for it!

Today’s ramen is “Gantetsu”. I found this place because it was voted the 24th place in Japan Ramen Award hosted by Tabelog. I had their daily special “Shibi Shio”, or tuna in salt-based soup. This was probably my first experience of ramen with fish meat rather than the usual pork or chicken chashu. Even for most other seafood-based broths out there, I found it more common to have pork chashu than fish meat, so this is definitely a novelty. The tuna goes quite well with the soup, as the light soup tones down the strong fishy taste. Personally, I do still think they could have done better preparing the fish as it tastes a little too fishy, but for fish lovers it could be just about right. Or perhaps instead of soaking the fish in the soup, they could place them on top of the noodles with other toppings too. Overall, I don’t think it deserves such a high rank on Tabelog, but it’s definitely worth a second visit, especially if you’re craving for something hearty but still light and healthy at the same time.


本日は「巌哲」という塩ラーメンをご紹介したいと思います。食べログが主催するJapan Ramen Award 2016で24位を取れた店だ。その日の限定だそうな鮪塩(しびしお)ラーメンを頼んだ。今まで魚介ベースのラーメンは何回か食べてきたけど、魚介ベースって言っても豚か鶏のチャーシューが入ってるのが普通だそうで、塩ベースに鮪が入っているのは初めてかもしれないね。なので、なかなか新鮮で、実は先週のうだつ食堂を食べた直後に、お腹がパンパンになったのも関わらず、すぐ食べに来ちゃったのだ。あっさりした塩スープが鮪の生臭さとバランスよく和み合って、美味しかった。自分は鮪をスープの中に浸すよりは、他の具の上に載せたほうがさらにいいと思うけど、全体的は悪く無い。正直、24位ほどおいしくはないと少し感じるけど、お腹すいてこってりすぎないラーメンを食べたい時にはちょうどいいと思う。


今天的拉麵是「巌哲」的鹽味拉麵。我會知道這家店是因為它在Tabelog舉辦的Japan Ramen Award 2016中得了第24名。當天晚上其實是剛吃完上一篇的うだつ食堂後肚子根本還沒完全消化的狀態就馬上來了。我點了好像是本日限定的鮪塩拉麵。其實之前也吃過蠻多次海鮮湯底的,但大部分的海鮮拉麵裡面還是放雞肉或是豬肉叉燒的比較多。但這家的是鹽味湯底再搭配鮪魚,還滿新穎的。吃了之後感覺不錯。清淡的湯底剛好中和掉了鮪魚的腥味。雖然我覺得比起把鮪魚直接泡在湯裡有點美中不足,或許放在其他的料跟湯上面會比較好,但整體來講是我會再度光臨的店。雖然說「巌哲」實際上可能不值第24名的排名,但如果你想吃拉麵但又想要清淡的話會是個不錯的選擇。

鮪塩(しびしお) Shibi Shio ¥920

東京都新宿区西早稲田 1-10-4


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