Chapter 14 – Himawari


It’s been more than two weeks since the last post. I’m sure most of you have guessed – it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with Lily’s again. So much has happened since we opened two months ago that it almost feels like a year has passed. First up, we swapped the ancient old register that contains weird, google-translate-like English with a more modern iPad application, Square. Second, our witty chef Mr.E and our sexy-ass store manager Mr. A caught two staff members stealing cash, and we had to let them go. Third, we redesigned the old menu (Shout out to a very dear friend in my tribe, Ms. P, for the help) and will have it go live starting tomorrow.  Now add all that with our normal day jobs, all three of us have been working 65+ hours per week, extremely sleep-deprived and desperately in need of some vacation.

Having said that, however, I do enjoy every single bit of the grind. I came to realize how much I have grown and how much closer I am to my dream of financial freedom, especially compared to a year ago, or even when I first migrated to the Bay in December of ’14. I also came to understand what Robert Kiyozaki truly meant by mind your own business and how much happier and successful you’ll be in doing so.

Today’s ramen is “Himawari”, a ramen restaurant that my co-owners and I, along with the manager Mr. A, came twice in role for our weekly Friday meetings. The first time, I had the Tonkotsu Delux. And just as I expected, the broth was toned down for the American audience, and the taste lacked the real, authentic, Japanese Tonkotsu punch. The second time, however, I had the Asari (baby clam) Shio with an soft-boiled egg topping (yummmm), and was extremely impressed. The moment that soup dripped down my throat, it broke into my top 3 ramen ranking in the Bay Area. Asari Shio is kind of like Jinrui Mina Menrui in Osaka, except it has a more garlicky and diverse taste. Even though it still feels somewhat Americanized, the ramen would still do pretty well in Asia too.

Some other ramens my friends ordered and were very interesting are Kanitama, Shio Butter Corn and Shiro Tantan Men. Kanitama tasted like the Chinese sour and spicy soup with noodles, while the other two both taste a bit too Westernized for my taste. I personally wouldn’t order them again. However, my friends and I all agreed on that Asari Shio, and would definitely come back again and again just for it.


とはいえ、今は社会に出て以来仕事で一番楽しんでいる時期だと思う。ようやく自分のやりたいことが見つかって、他人のために働くじゃなくて、自分の夢に向かって精を出しているから、大変達成感を感じている。一年前または最初アメリカに帰ってきた頃の自分と比べて、今の成長はまさに全然考えられないことだ。まだまだファイナンシャルフリードムに程遠いけど、最近はやっとロバート・キヨサキが言っている「Mind your own business(自分のことに集中しよう)」ってのは分かってきた気がする。そうしたほうが生きる価値や成功に結びつくからだ。


他には友達がかにたま、塩バターコンまたは白タンタンメンを頼んだが、それらは二度と食べるほどおいしくはないと思って、みんな意見一致であさり塩が一番だ。かにたまは中華によく出る酸辣湯にラーメンをトッピングする感じ、そしてその他の2つはオレにとってアメリカ化すぎて、インスタントの感じもするけど、あさり塩はアジアで売っても人気が出そう。すでに個人的のベイエリアラーメンTop 3に入れたので、またそれを食べに「Himawari」を訪ねる。


雖然發生了許多事很累,但也很樂在其中。相比一年前的今天或是剛從東京搬過來北加州的時候,自己如今的成長實在是當初想都無法想像的。最近越來越能理解富爸爸窮爸爸裡說的「Mind your own business(管你自己的事)」。雖然白天的正職工作我也不討厭,而且應該也找不到比現在的公司更棒的公司,但果然還是做自己事情時的自己最有活著的感覺!雖說距離經濟自由的解脫還有幾年要拼,不過已經有一步一步靠近的感覺。爽!

今天的拉麵是在San Mateo的「Himawari(向日葵)」。自從開店後我跟兩個合伙還有店長每個禮拜五都會開定期會議,邊吃晚餐邊為了夢想潑灑汗水(哈哈)。這家店是我們連續兩個禮拜來訪的店。一開始不是因為說它有多好吃或是有名,只是因為它離我們店裡非常近。第一次來時,我點了Tonkotsu Delux(豚骨豪華)。從一開始就沒抱太大的期望所以也沒有太失望。感覺是有點過於美式化的拉麵,湯頭清淡沒有後勁,也少了豚骨湯該有的豬背油。不過合伙A先生點的蛤蠣鹽味就真的屌了!本來只是隨便大家互換喝喝看而已。結果喝了第一口下去就整個嚇到,馬上從「我可能不會再來」飆升到我灣區前三的拉麵。有點像人類みな麺類,貝殼跟鹽味的鹹味中和得剛剛好蹦出新滋味。


Asari Shio あさり塩 $11

202 2nd Ave, San Mateo, CA, USA 94401


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