Chapter 16 – Menya Inshou 麵屋印象


Hey guys. Apologies for having kept you waiting. Last Wednesday, I had the biggest surgery in my life by far – an orthognathic surgery to correct my underbite. The operation was a success, and I can say now that I have recovered well (even still far from 100%) after only a week and a half. Having said that, however, until this past Thursday, I actually still had two metal tubes stuck in my nose to stabilize the cut below the base of the nose and the upper jaw, and could barely breathe. If you had asked me how I felt four days ago, I’d have told you I feel like shit because I was waking up every 30 minutes in my sleep, and could only breathe heavily through my mouth. Anyway, fast forward to now, I dropped down from 168lbs to below 156 now, which is a surprising side effect, I guess? The doc said liquid diet will continue for another five weeks, so hopefully I don’t drop below 150 and become a week ass pu**y.

Anyway, onto the ramen. Today’s ramen is “Menya Inshou” in Foster City, CA. This ramen parlor is a little hard to find, as the door is not facing the main parking area in the plaza. To make it even harder, there’s another “Inshou”right next door, which is an izakaya (Japanese-styled bar/restaurant) owned by the same owner. I have been here twice – once a few months ago with Mr.A and B from my middle school, and this time with my parents after the surgery. I took them here even though I could only sip the tea through my syringe, as my jaws will still be completely shut for a while. “Inshou” is just like most other ramen restaurants in the US – it offers many different broths to choose from. From tonkotsu, miso, shoyu, spicy to even tan tan men, they got it all. But the best here and my go-to has gotta be their Asari Ramen (clam)! Even my mom, who usually dislikes ramen for its salty and overly creamy taste, loves it.

The clam soup is not really conventional, but for some reason, there’s been a rise in clam soup ramen across the Bay Area, including Chapter 14 – Himawari and Chapter 15 – Shalala, which offers it as a special now too. The clam broth here though, is a little different from the Osaka Chapter 6 – 人類みな麺類 Jinrui Mina Menrui. It is lighter and less sweet, but still has an unique aftertaste that would make you finish the entire soup before you realize!

Overall, a big thumbs up from me, and I definitely recommend anyone who doesn’t like ramen like my mom to give it a try. It’ll blow your mind away for what makes a standard ramen. Also, on a side note, “Inshou” is often advertised on the free Japanese newspapers floating around Japanese restaurants here. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find a 10% off everything coupon!


好啦,話不多說,趕快來介紹拉麵。本週的拉麵是位於Foster City的「Menya Inshou 麵屋印象」。這家拉麵店其實不太好找,因為他的正門有點隱密。在它正隔壁的店正好是同一個老闆開的居酒屋,名子也叫做印象,所以千萬不要搞錯了。這家店我總共來了兩次。第一次是術前跟兩個中學朋友A與B先生。第二次是前幾天帶特地從台灣飛來照顧我術後的我父母。「印象」就如美國大部分其他的拉麵店一樣,有提供許多不同的湯頭-有豚骨、味增、醬油、辣味、擔擔麵等。但我最喜歡,而且來這裡必點的一定是蛤蠣拉麵!不知道為什麼最近灣區的拉麵店好像越來越流行蛤蠣湯之類的,連上一篇的Chapter 15 – Shalala、上上篇的Chapter 14 – Himawari跟其他幾家店也有開始賣。雖說蛤蠣湯麵不是很傳統道地的拉麵,而且它跟大阪的Chapter 6 – 人類みな麺類 Jinrui Mina Menrui又有點不同,但這裡的蛤蠣湯清淡不油膩又會回甘的甜味實在是很對我味。就連平常不喜歡吃拉麵的老媽都讚不絕口!



それでは、本題のラーメンに行きましょう!今週の店はFoster Cityにある「Menya Inshou 麺屋印象」という店です。この店は実に見つかるのは難しい。入り口はメインのメインの駐車場に向かってないし、しかもすぐ隣にもう一軒同じ「Inshou」という居酒屋がある。同じオーナーさんが経営してるけど、売ってるもんと値段ぜんぜん違うから、間違えないようにね。この店は二回来たことがある。一回目は手術前、中学校時代の友人AとBと一緒に来た。二回目は先日親をつれてきた。「Inshou」はベイエリアにある多くのラーメン屋さんと同じく、スープは幅広く提供してらっしゃる。アメリカでは定番の豚骨から、味噌、醤油、辛味、あとタンタンメンまで多様なスープから選択できる。けど、この中で一番美味しくて、この店を訪ねたら、絶対食べ逃せないのはやっぱりあさりラーメンだ。

ところで、最近何故かベイエリアにあさりスープを売ってる店はどんどん増えてる。前回紹介したChapter 15 – Shalalaもそうだし、Chapter 14 – Himawariとかにも結構あさりスープが人気そうだね。なんか日本ではあんまりメインじゃないけど、こっちで流行ってるのは面白いね。一応アメリカのあさりスープは大阪のChapter 6 – 人類みな麺類 Jinrui Mina Menruiのとは少し違う風味だけど、どっちもすんごく美味しい。ラーメンが好きではない母さんまで絶賛してくれたから、豚骨系とかしょっぱいもんが苦手な方も是非あさりラーメンを試してみてください。ラーメンという一般概念が転覆されるから!


Asari Ramen $10.95

2944 S Norfolk St, San Mateo, CA, USA 94403


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