Chapter 18 – Myzen 美善

I’ve been introducing all the good ramens, so thought I’d mix it up a little by introducing a not-so-good one. Ha! Before I do that though, I want to say I have really become seriously homesick since my mom left on Saturday. This past entire week, I was pondering what happiness in life. Should I stay in the US or should I move back to Asia? Should I start another company or expand the restaurant? Should I work so hard towards financial freedom in my 20s and give up my time and “freedom” to travel the world or should I postpone the dream and be with family more? My friends said I’m just going through a quarter life crisis, when really, I am just thinking about how to balance living in the present against getting financially free in the future.

Anyway, the ramen today, which I strongly do NOT recommend, is “Myzen”. They suck! They are terrible from the service to their menu design, and the food was just “meh” at best. In fact, I yelped the place before I went with my friend Ms.Y, and the restaurant looked rather usual. From the picture, I kinda guessed it’s one of those unauthentic Americanized ramen places already. But I thought, “well, I haven’t been to one for a long time; might as well give it a try.”

Guess what? It was just as I expected. The menu seemed rather American, and none of the staff was actually Japanese. The waitress that “greeted” us was rude and had a super huge RBF. Definitely not going back anymore. But maybe it’s just me, as there were still people waiting outside as we left. Personally, I am confident that I can make better ramen with those supermarket packages and my own toppings, but if you think Top Ramen is good, then you might like this place.


今天的拉麵叫做「Myzen 美善」,也是美國很常見的騙人的假拉麵。一開始聽Myzen這個名字我就覺得很奇怪,不太像是日文。後來實際去吃了,看了店裡和菜單上寫著「美善」後,我就在猜這店是中國人開的。因為正常的日文,美善會唸作Bi Zen。而實際上店裡的員工也都是青一色的中國人。其實在還沒去前我就已經在Yelp上看了照片,就感覺不是很道地,不是我會喜歡的那種。但是那天中午是我朋友Y小姐約的,想說反正也很久沒去被騙了,就去試試看吧。結果果然不出乎意料,從不太友善的服務態度到菜單粗糙的設計,然後再到食物的品質,整個就完全是搭個日式拉麵的美名在那邊騙笑(台)。說真的,我自己在超市買的調味包加個蛋、海苔、竹筍什麼的料可能都比這裡好吃。



さて、今週の「Myzen」は実にまずくて、アメリカにはよくある地雷です。せめて、オレにとってはね。おすすめはしないけど、逆で考えてみると、アメリカンスタイルのラーメンを試してみたかったら、これはちょうどいいかも。まあ、実は行く前にもうYelpで検索したんだけど、写真もコメントもあまり評価がよくなさそうで、ぱっと見ればすぐ本番的じゃないってすぐ分かった。だけど、その昼は友達のYちゃんに誘われて、二人とも昼休憩短いから、「まあいいや、久々にアメリカンラーメンに再挑戦しようか」って。店に入ったら、すぐ日本人が経営してないことに気づいて、おもてなし全然ないし、メニューも変な日本語が書かれてるし、さらに店員さんの中で日本人は一人もいない。でも日本人がいるから味は絶対うまいにも限らないから、一応定番のとんこつラーメンを頼んだ。YちゃんはMyzen Ramenというなんかクリーミーで斬新なやつを頼んだ。一口食べたら、やっぱまずい。両方とも。まあ、まずいと言ったら友達に過言だと思われるけど、でも正直スーパーでラーメンの調理パックを買って、ゆで卵とかメンマを適当に加えてものほうが美味しい。


*Don’t recommend

520 Lawrence Expy #304, Sunnyvale, CA, USA 94085


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