Chapter 22 – Kahoo 香風


This past two weeks were tough. By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen and heard so much about the US Presidential Election that you are getting sick. I have never seen the country so divided – there are hate crimes all over the country, protests in metropolitan downtowns, mournings, fear and hate over social media, etc. To be honest, as a minority living here, I am just as scared and concerned as anybody, but I firmly believe it’s time to move on. United States is a democracy. The American people have made their choice, and we should respect that. For the non-Trump supporters, it is in timeslike this that we should stand up, work harder and make sure the next four years are going to be better. After all, the government can only do so much, and your life is what you make it.


Today’s ramen is “Kahoo”, which translates directly to the wind of flavor. It is in a plaza with a huge Japanese supermarket chain, Mitsuwa. Most people go to this plaza to get Santoka, a famous ramen franchise from Japan, but my ramen friend-in-crime A has always preferred Kahoo instead.

I got the soy sauce based Kokumaru Shoyu, and A got the sea salt Shio. Both were decent, but I like the Kokumaru better as it has garlic in it. Putting garlic as a default topping has seemed to become a norm across the Bay Area here, as I don’t recall seeing it in Japan or SoCal. But yummmm, what can I say? Garlic, especially crunchy fried garlic slices when gulped down with garlicky fatty tonkotsu broth, is just so heavenly.

We went at 3 on a weekend, and still had to wait around 15 minutes, so better time when you are going. Having said that though, Santoka would still probably have been a longer wait. They also only take cash and you have to stand in a line to wait.




P.S. 因為最近忙著重學寫軟體網頁,下週開始我可能會變成兩週再上傳一次。川普當選後我覺得我們更該加油,必須讓許多沒受完整教育的美國鄉下人了解到我們亞洲人不是好欺負的!




P.S. 起業に向かって今はプログラミングを習い直してる。なので、次から二週に一回かもっと遅いペースで投稿する。ご了承をください。

Kokumaru Shoyu $10.5

4330 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129


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