Chapter 22 – Kahoo 香風


This past two weeks were tough. By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen and heard so much about the US Presidential Election that you are getting sick. I have never seen the country so divided – there are hate crimes all over the country, protests in metropolitan downtowns, mournings, fear and hate over social media, etc. To be honest, as a minority living here, I am just as scared and concerned as anybody, but I firmly believe it’s time to move on. United States is a democracy. The American people have made their choice, and we should respect that. For the non-Trump supporters, it is in timeslike this that we should stand up, work harder and make sure the next four years are going to be better. After all, the government can only do so much, and your life is what you make it.


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Chatper 20 – Udon Mugizo 麺処 麦蔵


Welcome to the Ramen Vagabond, Chapter 20! Hooray! Who would have thought I would make it this far without giving up? For the Westerner readers out there, do you know I write about different things in Chinese and Japanese below? Of course I do talk about ramen with equal passion, but for the one paragraph on my personal update, I tend to just write whatever comes to mind when I think in that language. It’s funny how we behave a little differently when we talk in different languages. I am sure those of you multilinguals out there can relate. For those who only speak English, I really suggest picking up a second language because you won’t be able to see the world in different colors unless you understand different cultures, which starts from understanding different languages.

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Chapter 14 – Himawari


It’s been more than two weeks since the last post. I’m sure most of you have guessed – it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with Lily’s again. So much has happened since we opened two months ago that it almost feels like a year has passed. First up, we swapped the ancient old register that contains weird, google-translate-like English with a more modern iPad application, Square. Second, our witty chef Mr.E and our sexy-ass store manager Mr. A caught two staff members stealing cash, and we had to let them go. Third, we redesigned the old menu (Shout out to a very dear friend in my tribe, Ms. P, for the help) and will have it go live starting tomorrow.  Now add all that with our normal day jobs, all three of us have been working 65+ hours per week, extremely sleep-deprived and desperately in need of some vacation.

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