Chapter 22 – Kahoo 香風


This past two weeks were tough. By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen and heard so much about the US Presidential Election that you are getting sick. I have never seen the country so divided – there are hate crimes all over the country, protests in metropolitan downtowns, mournings, fear and hate over social media, etc. To be honest, as a minority living here, I am just as scared and concerned as anybody, but I firmly believe it’s time to move on. United States is a democracy. The American people have made their choice, and we should respect that. For the non-Trump supporters, it is in timeslike this that we should stand up, work harder and make sure the next four years are going to be better. After all, the government can only do so much, and your life is what you make it.


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Chapter 8 – 麺尊 RAGE

今週は自分にとって大きくてめでたいニュースがありまして、それはやっとクレープ屋さんを買ったのです!!!実はもう去年の年末から友達兼ビジネスパートナーの二人と計画してて、カリフォルニア州に会社登録したり、レストランに適切そうな店舗を色々見たり、フランチャイザーと話したり、弁護士に相談を乗ってもらったり、会計士を探したり、とにかく色々頑張ってきた。それで、ようやく今週の初めに店舗の大家さんとクレープ屋現在の経営者こと売り側と契約を結んだ。これからはどんどん忙しくなりそうだけど、これで経済自由になる第一歩を踏み出したから、本当に本当に嬉しくて仕方がない。 Continue reading “Chapter 8 – 麺尊 RAGE”