Chapter 15 – Shalala

For the entire week, I was reading “Pour Your Heart Into It” by Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks. I wanted to pick his brain on how to build a successful business, especially in the retail/restaurant industry now that I co-own a creperie. Before picking up the book, I was dreaming about how we can open Lily‘s one store after another, and gradually expand it to other parts of California, other states and eventually even to Asia. But now, I realized how naive I’d been and how much of a far-fetched goal that is…well, at least for now. The book talks about how Howard Schultz, turned his poor upbringing around, became the first university graduate and eventually made Starbucks a global phenomenon. Undoubtedly, a lot of these biographies or autobiographies often lengendize the protagonist and make their stories seem like overnight successes. However, one thing is for certain – that is his extraordinary passion and pride in Starbucks and her coffees.

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Chapter 12 – 麺屋 一楽 Menya Ichiraku

濃厚鶏白湯だ!一話の三歩一 Sanpoichi以来久々の鶏白湯だけど、やっぱラーメンの中で一番好きな種類かも。翌日はもう日本を出てアメリカに帰ってしまうので、しめに最高に相応しいんだ。「麺屋 一楽」という、神楽坂・飯田橋のあたりにあるラーメン屋さんで、昔の会社のオフィスと留学時代のホームステイ先に近いから、すでに二、三回くらいは来たことがある。なんか看板の名前を見てたら初めに思い浮かんだのはナルトが一番好きなラーメン屋さんだね。確かにあれも一楽の気がするww。

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Chapter 1 – 三歩一 Sanpoichi


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