Chapter 21 – Mensho Tokyo


Humor is difficult to translate over cultural and language barriers. Some cultures have black humors, some have sarcasms, while some others have talk shows and standup comedies. I have known this growing up, but it still hits me from time to time. Even when I make the same exact jokes, some people respond cheerfully with more humor, while others from a different culture may just get flat out furious. I find it an interesting yet frustrating phenomenon, but even to this day I still haven’t figured out how to react when people get ticked off by half-hearted jokes with no ill intentions.

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Chapter 15 – Shalala

For the entire week, I was reading “Pour Your Heart Into It” by Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks. I wanted to pick his brain on how to build a successful business, especially in the retail/restaurant industry now that I co-own a creperie. Before picking up the book, I was dreaming about how we can open Lily‘s one store after another, and gradually expand it to other parts of California, other states and eventually even to Asia. But now, I realized how naive I’d been and how much of a far-fetched goal that is…well, at least for now. The book talks about how Howard Schultz, turned his poor upbringing around, became the first university graduate and eventually made Starbucks a global phenomenon. Undoubtedly, a lot of these biographies or autobiographies often lengendize the protagonist and make their stories seem like overnight successes. However, one thing is for certain – that is his extraordinary passion and pride in Starbucks and her coffees.

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Chapter 5 – あらうま堂 Araumadō


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Ramen Journey Preface || 挑戰日式拉麵 || ラーメン人生の始まり

*Start reading from after chapter 1 if you want to skip all the Taiwanese food porn.

So…here I am finally, at the starting line of one of my biggest life goals – to conquer all the ramen restaurants/parlors/stands in Japan and worldwide. Initially, this was supposed to be a project I start only after I achieve financial freedom. However, thanks to two of my besties, R and P, instead of postponing ’til a few years later, I decided to just man up and start writing. Of course, this is still only the phase zero of my ramen journey as I’m only visiting Japan for 11 days this time and returning to the Bay Area soon after, but hopefully I can start entertaining my friends and family worldwide with my amateur ramen knowledge.

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