Chapter 16 – Menya Inshou 麵屋印象


Hey guys. Apologies for having kept you waiting. Last Wednesday, I had the biggest surgery in my life by far – an orthognathic surgery to correct my underbite. The operation was a success, and I can say now that I have recovered well (even still far from 100%) after only a week and a half. Having said that, however, until this past Thursday, I actually still had two metal tubes stuck in my nose to stabilize the cut below the base of the nose and the upper jaw, and could barely breathe. If you had asked me how I felt four days ago, I’d have told you I feel like shit because I was waking up every 30 minutes in my sleep, and could only breathe heavily through my mouth. Anyway, fast forward to now, I dropped down from 168lbs to below 156 now, which is a surprising side effect, I guess? The doc said liquid diet will continue for another five weeks, so hopefully I don’t drop below 150 and become a week ass pu**y.

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Chapter 11 – 巌哲 Gantetsu

Last two weeks have to be the most hectic I’ve been in a long time. Both with more responsibilities at my day job, and definitely the opening of my own restaurant, Lily’s Creperie. Luckily, things have calmed a little as we have most of the paperworks done now. I will post another article on the restaurant with more detail soon, so please look out for it!

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Chapter 7 – 道玄 Dougen

新工作已經做了三個禮拜,也稍微穩下來了。這週末我將要跟日本朋友的M醬還有她的朋友跟同事四個人一起去Napa Valley品酒~!這應該是從亞洲回來一個多月後第一次碰酒吧!上上禮拜才剛去San Diego,上禮拜又有兩個朋友的生日派對,看來這個禮拜又要繼續破費了。真希望發薪日趕快來…

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Chapter 1 – 三歩一 Sanpoichi


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