Chapter 19 – Yamadaya 山田屋


So, I’ve been thinking about life a lot. Even more so since my parents left. Life is pretty short, and time passes without you noticing. If we can only live 80 years in a lifetime, assuming you don’t run into any accident, then why are so many people living for tomorrow and not today? I am actually guilty of this myself too. I always think, “okay, I will move back to Asia in three to five years”, or “I will start my company when I have enough experience”. But I came to realize if you don’t do now what you want to do in the future, then you’d never do it. Don’t get me wrong- planning and waiting for the timing are critical, but what is even more important is to set strict timelines and start making your future the present.

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Chapter 17 – Ramen Izakaya Yu-Gen 遊玄


I sent my mom to the airport late yesterday. On the way, mom was being mom, repeating the same things over and over for countless times, and I was just rolling my eyes, playing along as if I was really listening. She did say one thing that echoes hard with my personal philosophy, however – “Life is short, so live today like it’s your last, and enjoy every single moment.” I often dream about becoming financially free in less than five years. And I think these two-three weeks away from work have once again solidified how much I hate working the 9-5 (or 7-4 in my case). I hate while I am weak and recovering at home, I still need to report to my managers. I hate how I am going to the doctor’s appointment, worrying about the little dwindling sick days I have left. I hate how now I used up all my sick days (5 days a year) and had to use my paid vacations. F*ck all that sh*t, seriously. I want to be in control of my own life, and decide where and when I want to work. But at the same time, mom’s always right. While I work to expand my restaurant business and personal finance, I also need to take things slow and learn to enjoy the present.

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Chapter 13 – Tsujita つじ田


Ramen adventure v2.0 is here! And we’re starting off the new chapter with the best ramen across the Americas in my opinion – “Tsujita”. While I’m still sad about having left Japan 2 months ago and not being able to indulge myself with the rich variety of ramens in Tokyo, I’m also happy to be back in Silicon Valley, chasing my dream of financial freedom. I do still plan to move back to Japan/Taiwan in 5 years or maybe shorter if I can achieve my dream early.

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Chapter 10 – うだつ食堂 Udatsu Shokudo


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Chapter 9 – Jiro 次郎

禮拜五一早六點就到了公司。在快到公司距離兩分鐘的路程上,老闆S打了通電話給我,問說今天是夏威夷衫日,有沒有穿來上班。我說討ㄍㄟ,挖攏賣搞阿捏(台)。 結果他還特地借給我他的襯衫。新公司在總部的只有大概30個人。而這一個月我也跟大家越混越熟,與其說是同事,更不如說是朋友。像是下班後一起打球,或是前陣子NBA總冠軍賽會一起看球。真的是間狠好的公司。公司由上到下彼此都很互相尊重。而當你的社員都和樂融融,高高興興的時候,你的公司自然而然就會成功。話說我的可麗餅店再兩個禮拜就要開店,希望可以效仿這樣的文化一樣成功。 Continue reading “Chapter 9 – Jiro 次郎”

Chapter 3 – 俺式 Oreshiki

アメリカに戻り、あっという間に四日間も経った今、未だに時差ボケと激闘中だ。最近は一日4、5時間単位で2、3回ぐらいも寝て、合計は8時間以上も行ってるけど、睡眠の質はほんとに最悪だ。仕事の一日目を来週の月曜にしてほんとに助かった!まあ、今夜生のNBAのPlayoff観に行くことになったから、今はめっちゃわくわく!!!しかもConference Finalsは初めてだし、しかもかなりリーズナブルな値段で買えたから、ホントは今日は仕事向けてそろそろ勉強し始めるはずだったんだけど、今年最後の生NBAだから、まあいいかw。

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